Image result for please note imageImportant: The Meetings are usually held in the Lyceum Rooms, Creek Street, Brisbane. 

Refreshments are served from 10:00am. Come along and enjoy the opportunity to chat over a cup of tea or coffee before the meeting. A light lunch will be served after the meeting.

No RSVP necessary (except for the  Christmas Morning Tea).

2024 to be advised

2023 to be advised


Monday, 4 April: Mathew Burke and Yiping Yan: Australia’s Transport Futures – changing technologies and unconscious gender bias on conventional transport2021

Tuesday, 19 April: Teresa Ubide Garralda: Senior lecturer in Igneous Petrology/ Volcanology

Monday, 2 May: Public Holiday – No Guest Speaker Forum

Tuesday, 17 May: Hassan Khosravi: Reimaging Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Crowdsourcing

Monday, 6 June: Geoff Ginn: History Topic TBA

Tuesday, 21 June: Jolanta Szymczyk: Textile Artist


Tuesday, 19 January: Professor Susan Brandis, Occupational Therapist: Falls, Crochet and Craft

Monday, 1 February: Speaker: Rebecca LamoinTopic: “In Your Hands – art as a powerful generator of social change”.

Tuesday, 16 February: Ruth Venner: Artist and Calligrapher

Monday, 1 March: David Flannery: Space

Tuesday, 16 March: Louise Noble: The Mulberry Project

Tuesday, 5 April: No Meeting (Easter Monday)

Tuesday, 20 April: Neita Bell Lecture – Tessa Sprat: Quaker Tapestries

Monday, 3 May: No Meeting (Labour Day)

Tuesday, 18 May: Michael Halliday: Captain Cook

Monday: 7 June: Dr Penny Watson: Emergency Service, Qld

Tuesday, 15 June: Madeleine Kersting Flynn: Medical Illustration

Monday, 5 July: Postponed to a later date (Covid 19) – Dr Peter Ellerton: Critical Thinking

Tuesday: 20 July: Professor Kerrie Mengersen: Statistical Science-Biomaterials

Monday, 2 August: Anniversary Luncheon – Guest Speaker: Tracey Vieira (postponed)

Tuesday, 17 August: Zoe Black: Happy Paws Happy Hearts

Monday, 6 September: Timothy Roberts: Australian Art Heritage

Tuesday, 21 September: TBA


Tuesday, 18 February: Dr Bridie Scott-Parker: Driver Safety from adolescent to the older generation2020

Monday, 2 March: Professor Greg Hainge: French Literature, Critical Theory and Continental Philosophy, Film Studies and noise

Tuesday, 17 March: Professor Glenn King: Biochemistry and Structural Biology

————————— Covid – 19 ————————–

Tuesday, 18 August:  Simone Matthews “How the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health deals with indigenous law issues at the frontline, as part of a larger health practice.”

Tuesday, 29 September: Annual General Meeting

Monday, 2 November: Professor Glenn King Topic: Deadly cures: human medicines from venomous animals. *** Special General Meeting will follow.

Tuesday, 17 November: tba

December: Christmas Morning Tea

2019 Meetings

7 December: Christmas Morning Tea

November: Prue Pettett: Environmentalist

November: Dr Susan Mercer: Managing Director, Clovely Estate

October: Lyceum Centenary Lecture presented by Professor Mary Garson AM

October: Queen’s Birthday Holiday

September: Annual General Meeting

September: Professor Ranjeny Thomas: Arthritis Research

August: tba

August: Centenary Anniversary Luncheon at the Customs House, Brisbane – Guest Speaker Em. Professor Kay Saunders AM

July: Special Occasion with High Tea and Entertainment – Official Opening of the Lyceum Rooms

June: Dianne Moon: Holmes A’Court Indigenous Art

June: Kelly Greenup

May: Susan Rimmer Harris

May: No Meeting – Labour Day

April: Mia Woodruff: Biofabrication and Tissue Morphology

April: Neita Bell Lecture: Faseny McPhee – The Great Tapestry of Scotland

March: Sarah Percy: Maritime Security

March: Berthine Ommensen: Autism Across the Lifespan

February: Vicky Abad spoke about Music Therapy Supporting lifelong family music practices, and Music. 

2018 Meetings

December: Christmas Morning Tea, Tattersall’s Club

November: Simon Farley: Publications in the wake of the Endeavour voyage: Qld Holdings and the Fryer Library Collections

November: Margaret Fisher: Volunteering in Timor L’Este

October: Dale Arvidsson- Curator of Brisbane Botanical Gardens

September: Annual General Meeting

September: Dr Geoff Ginn, Senior Lecturer School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, The University of Queensland – the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, Caboolture

August: Meeting Postponed (AALC Conference in Sydney)

August: Emeritus Professor Richard Fotheringham – History of the Brisbane Theatre

July: Mr Bill Syme: The Mechanism of the Brisbane Floods

July: Ms Di Hill: Queensland Women Writers

May: 2018: Dr Madonna Grehan The story of ‘The Australian Hospital Ship Centaur and the nurses who served

May: Anniversary Lunch – Ms Kathleen Noonan

April: Dr Ann Bramwell: Women and the ADF from an historical perspective

March: Jane Clout: An Insight into the Oyster Industry

March: Dr Genevieve Dingle: Music to name and shape emotions

February: Members Stories

2017 Meetings

21 NovemberMs Beata Ostapiej-Piatkowski,The Romero Centre, Mercy Community Centre

6 November: Prof Else Wilkins – Music, Maths and Brains

OctoberDr Kim Wilkins – Writing fiction and biographies

19 September: Annual General Meeting with entertainment from the Lyceum Lyricists

September: Emeritus Professor Roly Sussex – The public perceptions of scientific innovations from Galileo to climate change

August: Ms Libbie Schmidt. Glamour in the Skies: The golden age of the air stewardess

August: Adjunct Professor Ann Scott: From Shorthand to website management, a personal perspective on living with the technological change

July: Dr Ingrid McGuffog. Photo-storytelling with Criminal Justice involved women in Rochester NY.

July: Ms Dorelle Thompson. Nutrition as best medicine (Lecture notes available on the Members’ Only Page)

June: Emeritus Professor Colleen Cartwright – The legal issues /rights of people with dementia and their carers (A Power Point presentation of this talk is available on the Members’ Only page)

June: Dr Irena Vetter – Developing new pain medications

May: Neita Bell Lecture Assoc.Prof Margaret Maynard: Women’s fashion for flight

May: Anniversary Lunch: Emeritus Professor Bob Milns AM: What made Ancient Greeks laugh

April: Speaker: Ms Annabel Lloyd, City Archivist

March: Speaker: Professor Ben White, Director Australian Centre for Health Law Research QUT Faculty of Law

March: Women’s career development throughout the lifespan: International perspectives – Speaker: Professor Wendy Patton

February: Science and the Great Barrier Reef in Court Speaker: Ms Jo-Anne Bragg, CEO Environment Defenders Office