Held at 5.00pm to 7.00pm

The third Friday of each month

Usually in the Club

Members contact the Convener. Guests contact the Club lyceum,brisbane@bigpond.com

15 January: My Favourite Place in France

19 February: Dining Out at a French Restaurant

19 March: Friday 19 March 2021 6pm Barracks Cinema – 61 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane. Film – “Delicieux”.

!!! Please note the above change to the Lyceum Calendar as we have decided to go to the French Film Festival instead of our usual meeting at the club rooms.

Everyone is welcome and bookings can be made direct online with the French Film Festival.

The film is of 128 minutes duration so it would be wise to either eat beforehand or to join our circle from 4.45pm onwards at Libertine Restaurant and Cocktail Bar at 5/61 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane where we will be having (at our own cost) a drink and something light to eat before the film. 

RSVP: The restaurant requires numbers so please confirm by email to the Convener or the Club by 10 March if you wish to join us.