The Circle meets on the last Friday of the month.


Please contact Convener or the Club 07 3321 7999

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.  Maya Angelou (1984)


Friday, 29 January: Planning meeting

Friday, 26 February: Guest author Caylie Jeffery

Friday, 26 March: Guest author/poet Mocco Wollert

Friday, 30 April: Review of May Paten’s diaries, stories and plays; Update –poetry collection BYO Creative piece; Theme: Easter Memories

Friday, May: City Symphony Project interviews BYO Creative piece Theme: Finding Peace

Friday, 25 June: FAWQ Festival Presentation BYO creative piece; Theme: Hope

Friday, 30 July: Guest Simone Feiler Clark  Audiobook Productions

Friday, 27 August: BYO Creative Piece – Ekka Memories (or similar) Construction May Patten’s story

Friday, 24 September: BYO Creative Piece. Theme: Peace and Hope Guest Speaker: Duncan Richardson on writing history


—————————-—- Covid-19 ————————————-

Friday, 28 August: By Zoom – May Paten’s dairies, poems, and folio of short stories – writing the story, the Covid-19 pandemic (2020) – the Lyceum Club memoir -contributions, future events, writing personal stories – exercise

Friday, 25 September: discussion about writing historical fiction. 

Friday, 30 October: writing personal stories

Friday, 27 November