1919/20 Miss Margaret Ogg 1951/52 Lady Cilento (Phyllis) 1983/84 Mrs Janet Behan
1920/21 Miss May Paten 1952/53 Mrs A F Gollnick 1985/86 Mrs Janet Behan
1921/22 Miss Freda Bage 1953/54 Mrs A F Gollnick 1985/86 Mrs Janet Behan
1922/23 Mrs Gwendolyn Grant 1954/55 Miss T G Mann (Mona) 1987/88 Mrs May Hancock OBE
1923/24 Mrs T Parnell (Hermione) 1955/56 Miss Ann E Douglas 1987/88 Mrs May Hancock OBE
1924/25 Dr Jean White-Haney 1956/57 Miss Ann E Douglas 1989/90 Mrs May Hancock OBE
1925/26 Dr Jean White-Haney 1957/58 Mrs D Felsman 1989/90 Dr Cathryn J Mittelheuser AM
1926/27 Mrs Firmin McKinnon (Emmie) 1959/60 Mrs D Felsman 1991/92 Dr Cathryn J Mittelheuser AM
1927/28 Mrs Firmin McKinnon (Emmie) 1959/60 Mrs D Felsman 1991/92 Dr Cathryn J Mittelheuser AM
1928/29 Mrs Firmin McKinnon (Emmie) 1960/61 Miss Winifred Brennan MBE 1992/93 Mrs Shirley Paterson
1929/30 Mrs Edwin Munro (Mary) 1961/62 Miss Winifred Brennan MBE 1993/94 Mrs Shirley Paterson
1930/31 Mrs Edwin Munro (Mary) 1962/63 Miss Bid O’Sullivan 1994/95 Mrs Shirley Paterson
1931/32 Mrs Edwin Munro (Mary) 1963/64 Miss Bid O’Sullivan 1995/96 Miss Norma Alcorn MBE
1932/33 Mrs W. Young 1964/65 Miss Bid O’Sullivan 1996/97 Ms Helen Lucas
1933/34 Mrs Mary Munro 1965/66 Mrs H C Urquhart 1997/98 Ms Helen Lucas
1934/35 Mrs Eva Robson 1966/67 Mrs H C Urquhart 1998/99 Mrs Margaret McNamara
1935/36 Mrs Eva Robson 1967/68 Mrs A L Reimann 1999/00 Mrs Margaret McNamara
1936/37 Mrs Elizabeth Amos 1968/69 Mrs A L Reimann 2000/01 Mrs Margaret McNamara
1937/38 Mrs Elizabeth Amos 1969/70 Mrs A L Reimann 2001/02 Mrs Coleen Andrews
1938/39 Mrs W.H.Herbert 1970/71 Mrs J F A Sprent 2002/03 Mrs June Fox
1939/40 Mrs W.H.Herbert 1971/72 Mrs J F A Sprent 2003/004 Mrs June Fox
1940/41 Mrs W.H.Herbert 1972/73 Mrs J F A Sprent 2004/05 Mrs Shirley King
1941/42 Mrs Doris Booth OBE 1973/74 Mrs R V Graham (Mary) 2005/06 Mrs Shirley King
1942/43 Mrs Doris Booth OBE 1974/75 Mrs R V Graham (Mary) 2006/07 Mrs Shirley King
1942/44 Mrs Doris Booth OBE 1975/76 Mrs E M Shepherd 2007/08 Mrs Faseny McPhee
1944/45 Lady Hilda Axon 1976/77 Mrs E M Shepherd 2008/9 Mrs Kay Brassil
1945/46 Lady Hilda Axon) 1977/78 Miss Winifred Brennan MBE 2009/10 Mrs Kay Brassil
1946/47 Miss G.I.Fletcher 1978/79 Miss Winifred Brennan MBE 2010/11  Mrs Kay Brassil
1947/48 Miss G.I.Fletcher 1979/80 Miss Winifred Brennan MBE 2011-12 Mrs Desoree Sneddon
1948/49 Mrs Olga Alcock 1980/81 Mrs Marion Specht 2012-13 Mrs Desoree Sneddon
1949/50 Mrs Olga Alcock 1981/82 Mrs Marion Specht 2013-2014 Mrs Lyn Badrick
1950/51 Lady Cilento (Phyllis) 1982/83 Mrs Marion Specht 2014- Mrs Faseny McPhee

The Missing Years: The Club is always interested in photos of the presidents and in hearing about earlier days of the Club and may be contacted by email at lyceum.brisbane@bigpond.com

The available photo of Mrs Grant is of a very poor quality. If you can supply a better one, please contact the Club.

Margaret Ogg Front (1)Miss Margaret Ogg
Miss Frieda Bage (1)Miss Freda Bage
G Grant (1)Mrs Gwendolyn Grant
Mrs Elizabeth Amos (1)Mrs Elizabeth Amos
Lady Hilda Axon (1)Lady Axon
Lady Cilento (1)Lady Cilento
Mrs Elinor Urquhart (1)Mrs Elinor Urquhart
Marion SMrs Marion Specht
Marion Specht 1980 - 83; May Hancock OBE 1986 - 89Mrs May Hancock OBE
CathrynDr Cathryn Mittelheuser AM
ShirleyPatersonMrs Shirley Paterson
Helen teaMrs Helen Lucas
MargaretMcNMrs Margaret McNamara
J FoxMrs June Fox
Shirley KingMrs Shirley King
Mrs F McPhee (1)Mrs Faseny McPhee
kay (1)Mrs Kay Brassil
DesoreeMrs Desoree Sneddon
Lyn Badrick (1)Mrs Lynette Badrick