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All members are invited to be part of The Lyceum Lyricists which prepares small programs for performances at a number of Club functions.

Newer Lyceum members are really welcome, or any member who is able to commit to  a few rehearsals prior to the functions.

The music will be easy so please come and surprise yourselves at the joy it brings to be part of a singing group. Please do not be over modest – voices of all kinds are welcome.

choir gary

The Brisbane Lyceum Lyricists joined with members from Clubs in Melbourne and Perth to provide joyous entertainment at the Opening Ceremony and Gala Dinner of the recent The Australian Association of Lyceum Clubs Incorporated (AALC) Triennial Conference.

At the Commemoration of the Lyceum Founder, Constance Smedley, held in West Wycombe in May, 2017, the Constance Smedley Singers, led by Lyceum Brisbane Convener, opened the service.

Listen to members from many countries and Clubs.