2015 Meetings

Theme: Australia in the Centenary Year of the Landing on Gallipoli

November Annual Dine Out Night at The Women’s College, UQ Special Guest Speaker: Dr Ian Moffat – the early colonization of Australia by Aboriginal people.

October No Meeting (AALC Conference 18 – 21 October)

September DVD Discussion –The First Footprints: How people arrived and thrived on our continent.

August Discussion: Book – The Mayne Inheritance by Rosamond Siemon. This discussion  prepared members for the AALC Conference’s The Mayne Inheritance Tour on Wednesday, 21 October.

July Discussion: Members’ Favourite Australian Places.

June Annual Dine In Night – True Blue Aussie Food.

May Discussion: Members present a short bio of an Inspiring Australian Woman

April Poetry: Commemorating 100 years since the end of WWI – Australian and Turkish Poetry reflecting both sides of the conflict.

March Film: The Water Diviner shows Turks and Australians working together, after World War I, to outwit their old enemy, the stuffy British military establishment

February Discussion: Sharing Personal Stories  about weddings – Members brought photos of their wedding or those of their parents, grandparents, children as well as Indian and Polish weddings and their customs. The first Circle of the year is usually a  “Getting to Know You” evening.

Some 2014 Meetings

Theme: Balkans

November 6.00pm Dine-Out Night Members, partners and guests enjoyed an inexpensive, sumptuous meal in an elegant, private room in the Women’s College. Guest Speaker:, Professor Jason Jacobs spoke about The Art of Words on Film – how writing and words shown in movies add to our aesthetic appreciation of them.

October Dr Olivera Simic, Griffith University discussed her  memoir, Surviving Peace about of life before, during and after the Bosnian War and the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999.

September Art from the Balkans

August Dine-In Night continued the An Evening in the Balkans

July Members share their memories An Evening in the Balkans

June No Circle

May Film Discussion The Artist

April No Circle Members attended Anzac Day Ceremonies

March Sharing Personal Travel Stories

February the book Embers by Hungarian author Sandor Marai

2013 Meetings

Theme: Persia and Iran

2012 Meetings

Theme: Spain