Usually meets every 2nd month on the 4th Tuesday

10.00 am in rooms for 10.30 am

Members and guests welcome: Guests email Circle Convener at Members refer to Convener’s Contact Details on the Circles Calendar or go to Members refer to Members Only Page

This Circle is a comparatively newly-established Circle which has broadened  its areas of interest over time.  It began in March 2009 as the Needlework Circle. In June 2010 this was changed to the Needlework and Textiles Circle. In February 2015 it was changed to the Handicraft and Design Circle. In the first few years, the meetings tended to be more in the nature of ‘Sewing Circles’.




Recent Meetings


October: History and Tradition of Ikebana

August: A visiting speaker – Renata Buziak on the art works she creates from Chemical changes induced in native plant specimens/Emerging artist Karen Benjamin will talk and show the amazing things she makes from items most people discard e.g. plastic.

May: A Show and Tell on Old and Interesting Illustrated Books. Note change of date.

February: Some Buildings and Interiors in the Arts and Crafts Movement


October: Sculpting with Paverpol

August: Wendy Dodd – Problems with conservation of contemporary textiles

June: A Jewellery Show and Tell

February: Shells – their place in human cultures and artistic endeavours

April: Guest Joanne Jayne will talk to us on Preserving and Repurposing of Textile Items


October Fabric and Paper – Visiting speaker Mabina Alaka – talk and demonstration on the making of Japanese Kanzashi fabric flowers

August Try Your hand at Pyrography (formerly called Pokerwork).

June The ‘Bizarre’ Clarice Cliff  a Designer of Consumate Talent

April A Textile Show and Tell (opportunity for members to tell us about an interesting piece or two they have inherited or have acquired while travelling in foreign climes)

February Three Hundred Years of Mourning Jewellery


August Basketry: Visiting speaker Robyn Vanholland  talk and demonstration on her work as a fibre artist

June Visiting speaker Wendy Bailye talk and demonstration on The Art of Felting

April Embroidery in Medieval Europe – Secular

February Embroidery in Medieval Europe – Ecclesiastical Part 1


October Kalagas Embroidered Tapestries – the village women of Burma make their ornate padded embroideries, including the making of the sequins and glass which decorate these dazzling pieces.

August interesting lndian techniques that are specific to Andhra Pradesh, South India

June QUILTS 1700-1945’ Queensland Art Gallery

April Workshop

February Story of Silk


October Talk by a representative of the Embroiderers’ Guild.

August Workshop

June Workshop and Display of Work in the Rooms – members were invited to view